The Event

The Entrepreneurship Day Delft is one of the biggest events organised by YES!Delft Students. Every year we welcome around 1000 visitors in the auditorium of the TU Delft. The goal of this event is to inspire and excite students for entrepreneurship. Over the years, multiple well-known and successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s have told their personal story at the entrepreneurship forum. The of CEO’s ID&T, TomTom and De Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij have all stood on the entrepreneurship forum stage. The preparations for the next edition of the entrepreneurship forum are already in progress. Be sure not to miss it!

Lectures & Symposium

Our stage program is all about concrete advice for the growth-minded and entrepreneurially wired. The past speaker lineup has featured some of the most accomplished founders out there sharing their best-kept secrets with the Entrepreneurship Day Delft audience

Main Stage

Crijn Bouman, Founder of Epyon & Rocsys

Crijn Bouman studied, just like many of you, at the Delft University of Technology. At the end of his studies, he founded his first company, Epyon. Epyon marketed and sold battery-charging products and services for optimized fast charging of electric vehicle batteries, serving customers across Europe with its unique solutions. Due to its unique technology and the competitive tension and growth in the EV charging market Epyon was acquired, by ABB, in 2011. 

In 2019 he founded his second company, ROCSYS. ROCSYS develops a soft robot arm and computer vision technology that makes it possible to charge an electric vehicle fully automatically.


Bart van de Werf, Co-Founder of Innovation Booster

Innovation Booster specializes in organizational transformation and business innovation. They help decision-makers in large and medium enterprises transform cultures that impede innovation and work against the strategy of the organization. Innovation Booster helps their clients to engage the full creative and entrepreneurial potential of their employees, and prioritize, initiate and execute organizational and business transformation and innovation. 

Jan van der Tempel, Founder & CEO of Ampelmann

in 2002, during an offshore wind conference in Berlin, the concept of the Ampelmann system was conceived. A flight simulator upside down, capable of compensating all six degrees of freedom of a vessel and making transferring offshore much safer. The code name Ampelmann was born to illustrate that the system should enable ‘Offshore access as easy as crossing the street’. More than a decade later, Ampelmann has enabled the safe transfer of 5 million people and 10 million kilogrammes of cargo worldwide. This double milestone is proof of the company’s continuous commitment to setting the industry standard in offshore safety and efficiency.


Startup Stage

Veronique de Bruijn, CEO of Photanol

Photanol is trying to make valuable chemicals out of CO2 by using engineered cyanobacteria (remember… the bacteria that make photosynthesis possible). With their technology Photanol is working hard to turn the carbon economy around! Do you want to know how they are reshaping the future of CO2? Join her lecture at the Founder Stage.

Paul Lepoutre, Managing Director of Lemon Companies

He comes all the way from Belgium. Lemon Companies develops and designs web software to make successful products of your ideas. He will explain how they use their lemons (employees) to turn your ideas into lemonade. In 2018, they received the “Best Scale-up of 2018” award in Belgium. Are you eager to know how they built a Scale-up in 5 years? Come to the founder stage and listen to his inspiring story! 

Josefien Groot, CEO of Qlayers

In nature you can find many functional microstructures in coatings, think of shark skin to reduce drag or penguin feathers to prevent icing. Why not apply this to airplanes, wind turbines, ships and so on? Qlayers has developed a printing technique to apply these smart microstructures onto large industrial surfaces, making the surfaces functional. These functional coatings do not only result in better protection of the surface, they also contribute to a more efficient fuel consumption, reducing CO2 emissions! 

Startup Playground

The Entrepreneurship Day Delft will include the startup playground where you can experience the products of tomorrows leading firms. Always wondered about how it would be to have a startup? This is the opportunity to ask all of your unanswered questions to the professionals! Do you want to experience the most awesome innovations made in Delft? Then we will see you at the startup playground!


This year’s program will have some cool additions. New this year is the EDDebate in which we will discuss which type of company can make the biggest difference: a start-up or a corporate?

A start-up is a fast-changing environment in which ideas can be implemented in weeks while corporates innovate rather slowly. However, corporates have the advantage of their size and large capital. Are start-ups able to make a similar impact by themselves or will they always be taken over by the giants?

Come and see for yourself how our participants will find answers to these questions at the Entrepreneurship Day Delft 2020!

Pitch Battle

During the Entrepreneurship Day Delft we will be hosting our famous pitch battle again! Do you believe you have a brilliant idea for a start-up, or are you a beginning start-up? This is your chance to make your plans reality! Three Student Startups will compete for 1000,- EUR which could kickstart their entrepreneurial dream!


We’ve added a new activity to our program! Before the main program starts you will get the chance to develop and improve your entrepreneurial skills. The workshops will be given by professionals and lucky you, it’s all for FREE!