Bart van de Werf Co-Founder of Innovation Booster

Innovation Booster specializes in organizational transformation and business innovation. We help decision-makers in large and medium enterprises transform cultures that impede innovation and work against the strategy of the organization. We help them engage the full creative and entrepreneurial potential of their employees, and prioritize, initiate and execute organizational and business transformation and innovation. And we have the clients and cases to prove it. To be honest, we weren’t really sure what our business would be. We knew it would involve looking at the world in a different way and overcoming meaningful challenges and needs. Giving organizations a new and refreshing perspective on the world. But how? We started out developing smart IT solutions. And then we realized that smart IT solutions are a means, not an end. What we learned helped create the company we are today: a specialist company in organizational transformation and business innovation. The vast majority of established organizations view innovation as the most important factor for growth and continuity. Yet they also view innovation as high-risk. So they play safe; innovate a little, which often turns out to be not enough. Innovation Booster overcomes this problem in two ways: by boosting them so they get a more innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and culture; and creating new businesses from the ground up. Our ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’ methodology works by exciting organizations to stimulate change. And we don’t think in big projects with greater risks of failure, but in small steps and being agile. Action rather than advice. Design thinking, lean start-up and an agile way of working.