Crijn Bouman Founder of Epyon & ROCSYS

Crijn Bouman studied, just like many of you, at the Delft University of Technology. As a student, he had big dreams, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. At the end of his studies, he founded his first company, Epyon.

Epyon, was based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, and developed, marketed and sold battery-charging products and services for optimized fast charging of electric vehicle batteries, serving customers across Europe with its unique solutions. Together with local installation partners Epyon offered maximum value to customers in the ultrafast charging infrastructure, fleet and industrial electric vehicle markets.

Due to its unique technology and the competitive tension and growth in the EV charging market Epyon was acquired, by ABB, in 2011.

After he sold Epyon, he worked as VP, Product Line Management, Global Product Group Electric Vehicle Charging at ABB. In 2019 he founded his second company, ROCSYS. 

ROCSYS develops a soft robot arm and computer vision technology that makes it possible to charge an electric vehicle fully automatically. Because people aren’t involved anymore, plugging in and out of the plug can be done faster and safer. For example, the technology makes it possible to safely use high voltages when automatically charging professional vehicles.

Bart van de Werf Co-Founder of Innovation Booster

Innovation Booster specializes in organizational transformation and business innovation. We help decision-makers in large and medium enterprises transform cultures that impede innovation and work against the strategy of the organization. We help them engage the full creative and entrepreneurial potential of their employees, and prioritize, initiate and execute organizational and business transformation and innovation. And we have the clients and cases to prove it. To be honest, we weren’t really sure what our business would be. We knew it would involve looking at the world in a different way and overcoming meaningful challenges and needs. Giving organizations a new and refreshing perspective on the world. But how? We started out developing smart IT solutions. And then we realized that smart IT solutions are a means, not an end. What we learned helped create the company we are today: a specialist company in organizational transformation and business innovation. The vast majority of established organizations view innovation as the most important factor for growth and continuity. Yet they also view innovation as high-risk. So they play safe; innovate a little, which often turns out to be not enough. Innovation Booster overcomes this problem in two ways: by boosting them so they get a more innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and culture; and creating new businesses from the ground up. Our ‘Entrepreneurial Innovation for Enterprises’ methodology works by exciting organizations to stimulate change. And we don’t think in big projects with greater risks of failure, but in small steps and being agile. Action rather than advice. Design thinking, lean start-up and an agile way of working.

Jan van der Tempel Co-Founder & CEO of Ampelmann Operations

A bit over a decade ago, Ampelmann brought innovation to offshore access and laid the foundation of a whole new market. It made it possible for offshore personnel to Walk to Work. Ever since, the company has made it the industry standard to provide the highest level of safety, efficiency and reliability in transferring people and cargo at sea. With a track record of more than 5.9 million safe people transfers, over 13 million kg cargo transfers and 350 projects worldwide, Ampelmann operates in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East.


“Our team spirit, coupled with an ambitious development plan and a strong focus on innovation, helps us with setting new standards and serving our clients with the safest and most cost-effective offshore access solutions for both people and cargo transfers,” says CEO Jan van der Tempel.


Benno van Dongen Senior Partner at Roland Berger

Benno is an experienced strategy advisor with a passion for entrepreneurship. His expertise lies in connecting parties, companies and ideas with an eye towards renewal and growth, and he often plays a coaching role in his support of operational change.

As a partner at Roland Berger, Benno concentrates on technology-intensive industries and the life sciences, public-private partnerships and academia. He facilitates innovation management, growth strategy and business model development, and business plan writing. Entrepreneurship is central to his work, and he inspires it among his clients.

Benno founded the Young Entrepreneurs Network in Delft in 1995, which grew into YES!Delft in 2005 – a program which has offered education, guidance and coaching to hundreds of students in setting up their businesses.

Benno is selected member of The Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation, AcTI, a unique and independent platform and network of distinguished persons committed to societal and cultural issues relating to technology, innovation and economic application of science and technology.

Benno co-founded the Roland Berger office in Amsterdam in 2002. Roland Berger is the only European player among the leading international strategy and management advisory firms. Roland Berger brings a mix of consulting, technology and capital to offer its clients the maximum in added value. Whether companies, countries, institutions or entire communities, its clients are leaders in their fields. From strategic visions to restructuring, Roland Berger provides services of the highest excellence.

Sem Mekking Sales Director Europe at NightBalance

Approximately 6% of the Western population suffers of sleep apnea, with severe health consequences. NightBalance introduces an active sleep position sensor that gently trains positional apnea patients not to sleep on their back, avoiding the apneas from occuring during sleep. The Sleep Position Trainer has been awarded with many prizes including the Philips Innovation Award. NightBalance sells in 8 countries through specialized medical distributors and only on prescription of an ENT physician or a Pulmonologist. NightBalance is now a part of Philips, a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care.

Josefien Groot Co-Founder & CEO at QLayers

Qlayers is a passionate company situated in Delft, The Netherlands, that is disrupting the way we think about coatings since 2017. Our vision is to make each surface functional. Just like nature has been doing it, only better.

We envision to coat large structures, such as storage tanks, wind turbines, ships, yachts and aircraft. Moreover, we developed a unique printing technology with which we can add functionalities to surfaces. Our printing head can operate anywhere at any time, while ensuring consistent and high-quality coating conditions.

Vincent Verbist Senior Engineer at Lemon Companies

Vincent is an early employee of Belgium’s scaleup of the year 2018. He was one of the first people hired by the founders of Lemon Companies and fullfills a crucial role in the engineering department.

Hi, we are Lemon, a dynamic and eccentric IT company (no we’re not a lemonade brand). We’re a team of heavyweight geeks and creatives that love great ideas. Whether it’s our own idea or yours, we love to implement it from start to end.

Our multidisciplinary team will help you design, develop, implement and launch your idea, using the most state-of-the-art technologies. Let’s do IT together.

Website: www.lemon.be