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Picnic is revolutionizing the way people do groceries in the Netherlands. You’ve probably already seen the small electric cars buzzing through all the city centers.

They increased their gross revenue from 30 million euros in 2016 to almost 100 million in 2017, delivering groceries for free to around 90,000 customer across the Netherlands


Studeersnel is a platform at which students can share their study recources. Their mission is to empower everyone to excel at their studies by providing the best tools to study more efficiently.


Somnox is world’s first sleep robot that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Making it the ultimate interactive sleep companion to achieve a good night’s rest. Ultimately resulting in an energetic and happy daily life. It does so with intelligent technology that soothes body and mind developed at the university of technology Delft.




The CloudCuddle adventure started when the father of a physically impaired child came to us and told us the challenges he and his family face every day. One of these challenges is sleeping away from home. This challenge inspired us to design a flexible solution: the CloudCuddle. With this product, we can help him and similar families, and we are honoured to do this!

CloudCuddle is a mobile, inflatable, lightweight protective tent for disabled children suffering from spasms, epilepsy, mental disorders and all sorts of uncontrolled body movements. It makes sure that the children can sleep safely, in every bed.