Startup playground

The Entrepreneurship Day Delft will include the startup playground where you can experience the products of tomorrows leading firms. Do you want to experience the most awesome innovations made in Delft? Then we will see you at the startup playground! Click on the title to see which startups will participate.

The following startups and demonstrations will be present:

Bolt: An electric scooter with amazing range and capabilities
Somnox: This robot will help you sleep during sleepless nights
Warp Industries: Next generation Virtual Reality
RVO: Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland will demonstrate their 3D VR technology
Flexous: This YES!Delft Startup creates lots of energy with only little vibrations
Skel-ex : A suit for your upper body to help you with heavy lifting
Intespring: A YES!Delft Startup that advices on spring mechanisms and mechatronics with a speciality in exo-skeletons.
Delft Robotics: Creates a range of smart robot systems with 3D vision.
Dell: Shows of the VR capabilities of games made by small and independent designers.

Aula Congress Centre, Delft University of Technology
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Interact with awesome innovations from Bolt, Somnox, Swapfiets, Warp Industries, RVO, Flexous, Skel-ex, and more...