During our symposium, we welcome four inspiring entrepreneurs from all stages of starting up a company. These entrepreneurs will tell the story of their struggles: the good, the bad and the ugly. Accompanied by these stories, the symposium will host a pitch battle in which 3 recent start-ups will compete for 1000 euros!

These were the speakers of last year, the entrepreneurs who will tell their tale this year will be announced in the near future.

Lotte Leufkens of Cloudcuddle: Lotte Leufkens is the co-founder of Cloudcuddle and was named the female entrepreneur of 2017. On stage, Lotte will tell you about the struggles of starting up CloudCuddle.

Julian Jagtenberg of Somnox: Julian Jagtenberg is one of the founders of Somnox. As an Industrial design engineer alumnus of the TU Delft, Julian was and is responsible for the design of the Somnox sleep robot, which actively helps you sleep and promote sleep quality. Somnox has just finished a very succesful crowdfunding project which raised close to 200.000 euros. At the EDD, Julian will tell you all about Somnox.

Marnix Broer of Marnix Broer studied Mechanical & Offshore Engineering in Delft. He founded in 2010, a platform where students can exchange, among others, summaries, exams and tests. In the meantime they are scaling up by launching, the international version of Marnix will join us for a sitdown, answering our as well as YOUR questions on the ups and downs of starting up

Michiel Muller of Picnic: Michiel Muller, an Erasmus University Rotterdam alumnus, started Picnic together with his partner Schröder in 2015, after multiple succesful business ventures. These business ventures include the unmanned petrol stations Tango and the large online store

About Picnic: Picnic is revolutionizing the way people do groceries in the Netherlands. You’ve probably already seen the small electric cars buzzing through all the city centers. They increased their gross revenue from 30 million euros in 2016 to almost 100 million in 2017, delivering groceries for free to around 90,000 customer across the Netherlands

Pitch Battle

As part of the symposium, three start-ups will pitch their idea in a contest to win 1000 euros! The contestants of this year are listed below:


Aula Congress Centre, Delft University of Technology
  • During the symposium you will be able to listen to inspiring stories of entrepreneurs from all stages of entrepreneurship: a new start-up, a scale-up and a succesful company. Various founders will tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly of entrepreneurship. Want to know more? Click on the title!