The 7th edition of the Entrepreneurship Day Delft will reach its climax at the 2nd of March in Auditorium of Delft University of Technology! Tickets are free, but there’s limited supply since a lot of seats are reserved. So be quick to claim your spot on the guest list.

This evening five startups will pitch their idea to an audience consisting of our partners, jury, and students. The Startups will compete this evening for a prize worth €1000!

  • March 2, 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Day Delft

Startup playground


Interact with awesome innovations from Bolt, Somnox, Swapfiets, Warp Industries, RVO, Flexous, Skel-ex, and more...




  • Dhiraj Mukherjee (Shazam)
  • Ferdinand Grapperhaus (Physee)
  • Eline Leijten (Plugify)
  • Maikel Lobbezoo (Adyen)
  • Arnoud van der Veen (Tocano Inkless)
  • And a Pitch Battle, where 5 contestants pitch for €1500!


Champagne drink & startup playground


After the symposium, you are cordially invited to a glass of champagne in the foyer while the Startup Playground continues.


Aula Congress Centre, Delft University of Technology

Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC, Delft

When you enter the conference hall, you will be welcomed by our team. You can leave your coat at the wardrobe at the reception, to pick it up after the lecture.

The symposium will start at 16.00 on the first floor of the Aula of the TU Delft. There are stairs and elevators. The lecture begins directly after the symposium at 16:45 o’clock, in the auditorium on the second floor.

Afterwards, there will be drinks in the same area as where the symposium was before, at the first floor of the building. Here, you can ask questions and talk to a number of companies and enjoy live music!

  • At the back (through Van Der Waalsweg)
  • On the side (the Christiaan Huygensweg)
Public Transport:
When you arrive on Delft Central Station, you can take the bus to the Aula. The busses leave from the back side of the station. There are signs on the platforms.
  • Line 40 to Rotterdam Centraal
  • Line 69 to Technopolis
  • Line 121 to Zoetermeer
  • Line 174 to Rotterdam Noord


Supporting Partners


Please contact us if you have any questions about the Entrepreneurship Day, YES!Delft Students or YES!Delft.

YES!Delft Students
Molengraaffsingel 12, 2629 JD, Delft
+31 (0)15 278 42 90

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